Startup Pitching

Who is Invited: Scaleups, VCs/CVCs
Where: GRAND HALL room
Powered by: IOwnIt

Coffee Break

1:1 Meetings


Opening remarks

Sorin Moisa (MEP) Pēteris Zilgalvis (European Commission)

Who is Invited: Policy makers (Gov + Industry), Corp Public Affairs, Local Gov
Where: BOOLE room
Powered by: FieldFisher, OneTrust

Lessons learnt from implementing GDPR compliance programs within European and California-based companies

e-Privacy: Future and Challenges

Coffee break and OneTrust product presentation

Mitigating the Complex and Shifting Regulatory Environment for Global Privacy Laws


Intro – Measuring the EU Innovation Economy in Silicon Valley

Who is Invited: Consulates, EU Corporates, EU Bridge Orgs
Where: LOVELACE room
Powered by: Mind the Bridge

Region: South EUROPE

Region: Central EUROPE

Region: Eastern Europe and Baltics

Coffee Break

Region: Nordics and Ireland

European Startup Cities – Launch

The Motor Valley

Wrap up

Welcome and introduction


Scaleup stories from Europe breaking the glass ceiling

SEC2SV 2018 Scaleups

moderated by Marco Marinucci (Mind the Bridge)

European Economy of Innovation in Silicon Valley: the Map and the Numbers

Marco Marinucci (Mind the Bridge)

Keynote: Your Happiness Was Hacked: Why Tech Is Winning the Battle to Control Your Brain

Vivek Wadwha (Bestseller author)

Panel: ICO Regulation – What’s coming?

Peteris Zilgavis (European Commission)

Tim Draper (DFJ)

Olga Mack (UC Berkeley)

Tech Startup M&A – Launch of 2018 Report

Genè Teare (Crunchbase)

Alberto Onetti (Mind the Bridge)

Matteo Daste (Orrick)

Richard Smith (Orrick)

Coffee Break

Fireside chat: The future of mobility in the hands of regulators: the Lime story

Megan O. Colford (LIME)

Noa Khamallah (LIME)

interviewed by Eliot Brown (WSJ)

Fireside chat: GDPR is here, now what? Top 10 Predictions for the GDPR Era

Mark Webber (FieldFisher)

Stephanie Hanson (OneTrust)

Closing remarks

Sorin Moisa (Member of EU Parliament)

Alberto Onetti (Chairman, Mind the Bridge)

Marco Marinucci (CEO, Mind the Bridge)

Cocktail Reception

Robotics and Employment: two opposite forces?

Ashish Aggarwal (Grishin Robotics)