European Innovation Day The Digital Europe Conference

Created and organized by Mind the Bridge and co-organized with EIT Digital with the support of the European Commission and European Parliament, EID (European Innovation Day) is the Digital Europe Conference in Silicon Valley.

An action-oriented day bringing together the best of European technology, policy and innovation. Scheduled on September 11th, EID is the central event of SEC2SV Week that brings together the current and future EU UnicornsEU policy makers to meet the Silicon Valley digital economy stakeholders (more).
Topics discussed include:

  • Industry 4.0 and the future of manufacturing
  • GDPR: Privacy and Data Storage/Transfer
  • Fake news and the power of data manipulation
  • Circular economy and sustainability
  • ICOs regulations


Showcasing the next EU unicorns.
Scaleups meet Silicon Valley investors and industry leaders for partnership opportunities.

Speakers 2017

Oona King

Diversity Director, YouTube

Toomas Hendrik Ilves

Former President of Estonia

Marten Mickos

Former CEO, MySQL

Kristin Schreiber

Director COSME Programme, DG GROW, European Commission

Sanjay Poonen


Tom Byers

Entrepreneurship professor, Stanford University


Meet 2017 Scaleups

Startup M&As 2017 Report

Mind the Bridge and Crunchbase have tracked over 15,500 startup exits worldwide since 2010 for a total value of about 1.3 trillion dollars. The US and Europe still control the majority of deals and capital (83%), with Silicon Valley running the show: the top 15 world acquirers are all US companies with 9 from Silicon Valley.
In Europe, The UK is the “exit capital”, followed, at a distance, by Germany and France. We have also noticed a trend showing that 48% of the startup acquisitions have been completed by startups or former startups.

2017 has featured the highest YoY increase in deal volume (42%) since 2011. Europe is growing faster compared to the US, even if the gap remains huge, with US corporates acquiring over 3 times more startups than European counterparts.

The US shows a good equilibrium between number of exits and number of acquisitions, while Europe still runs a negative M&A balance (more startups sold than acquired). Countries like South Korea, China and Japan have been confirmed to be “net acquirers” of startups.

This report also confirms the “Power Law” of venture capital: 71% of the exited startups don’t return the capital invested, while 13% return more than a 3x multiple (3% with wild multiples).



Computer History Museum
1401 N Shoreline Blvd,
Mountain View

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We setup a bus tranportation for the SEC2SV Delegation members.
There  will be some limited availability for general public (first-come-first served).


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